A visit to Spannabis Malaga 2013


I have been to quite a few exhibitions in my time, but nothing like this. Ever.

Even as you approach the exhibition centre, stoned looking people with reefers in their hand can be found pottering around. There is a relaxed feel to things.

Entering the actual exhibition is like going through some kind of Stargate to the other side, where there is freedom and much weed. Maybe you remember the bar scene from Star Wars? There were some interesting looking characters there, to say the very least.

Some stands had air cooled vaporisers available so anybody passing could just have a toke. Quite the mind blowing experience:




Other stands had live grows with lights and all!


It was all incredibly civilised, if a little strange. The openness of it all was quite refreshing – and I shall return, hopefully with better Spanish language skills than this time.

If you wanted you were even able to inspect your own cannabis through a high powered microscope – which we did, to reveal our weed was absolutely dripping in THC!

Towards the end of the event there were a load of free giveways by the exhibitors – this short video should give you more of an idea what the atmosphere was like:

All in all a great day out and highly recommended. People were friendly and we ended up swapping a bit of weed with some chilled locals. Well worth 10 euros.

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A visit to Spannabis Malaga 2013, 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings