The Top 50 Cannabis Consuming Countries of the World


The United Nations have released more data, including this very interesting info on world cannabis consumption.

This chart shows the top 50 ranking countries and I am sure is a surprise to some in Iceland.

Note that Scotland beats England and Wales!

And check the USA – nearly at the top of the pile with their ineffective drug war.

I would have expected Italy to be a bit higher than their 4% (they don’t even make this chart!)

The bottom 10 countries were Vietnam, Turkey, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Japan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Algeria and the Republic of Korea.

UPDATE 4th July 2014

Apparently the Icelandic data may be based on a misunderstanding.

Congratulations then must go to Nigeria – where apparently 22% of the population like to smoke weed!

If you buy weed seeds this might help


Seedscanner is a new website that enables you to search through thousands of different cannabis seeds in a moment.

It has been a while coming, but thanks to the genius of an extremely hairy man in Germany and a much less hairy man in Spain the website is now up and running.

This version is aimed at growers in the United States. Prices are shown per seed to give an overall picture of value.

We hope you find it useful and welcome any feedback you may have.

UPDATE January 2015 – Seedscanner have added many more types of cannabis seeds as well as refined search so for example you now get very precise results for ‘Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto‘ – try your favourite strain and if the results are not good please contact us and let us know. Functionality to restrict searches to European or Worldwide delivery only has also been added.



The changing world view on cannabis mapped


Here’s a map showing this data (countries changing their cannabis laws, or talking about it) with a few additions thanks guys and thanks to those who have sent me links. I got the information by Googling the word ‘cannabis’ along with every country in the world and looking for relevant stories.

The worldwide picture is quite revealing wouldn’t you say?

It seems like there are changes happening all around the world. Except in the UK.

How much longer can the British dinosaurs ignore this huge part of their economy?

How much longer will they prevent sick people from access to the most powerful medicine on the planet?

Ten Interesting Facts About Feminized Cannabis Seeds


  1. Feminized cannabis seeds were first developed in the early 1980s by a Dutch cannabis seed company.
  2. Creating feminized versions of plant seeds did not originate with cannabis, but was a technique used in agriculture for many years before being successfully adapted for marijuana.
  3. There are several different methods of creating feminized cannabis seeds but they all rely on stressing a female plant until it becomes hermaphroditic and produces pollen, which is used to fertilize another female plant.
  4. When feminized cannabis seeds were first released, there were concerns from some growers that the plants they produced would be unstable hermaphrodites. These fears proved mostly groundless, and as feminization techniques continue to improve, this problem now rarely occurs.
  5. Feminized cannabis seeds produce feminized, not female, plants, according to the proper scientific definitions. However they are still sometimes referred to as ‘female seeds’. As all the plants they produce should grow and flower like females, it is easy to see how the two names are used interchangeably.
  6. When feminized cannabis seeds were first introduced for sale, they were more expensive – sometimes much more so – than regular cannabis seeds. Fortunately nowadays there are many different varieties of good quality cheap feminized cannabis seeds available, giving growers a wide range of choice for their money.
  7. Feminized cannabis seeds grow under the same conditions as regular cannabis seeds and require no special additional nutrients, techniques or equipment.
  8. The storage conditions required for feminized cannabis seeds are exactly the same as those for regular seeds. They should be kept perfectly dry, at a temperature of between 5 and 7 degrees centigrade, and in the dark. The door of a refrigerator is usually an ideal place.
  9. Feminized cannabis seeds have advantages for pretty much all growers, but especially for people growing their own medicinal cannabis as they may have less time and energy to spend checking for and weeding out male plants when they begin to appear, as is necessary with regular cannabis seeds.
  10. There is a misconception about feminized cannabis seeds, namely that they are genetically engineered. Genetic modification describes selective breeding processes that could also occur naturally – Skunk #1 and all other cannabis hybrids could be correctly called ‘genetically modified’. Genetic engineering, on the other hand, is when the dna of one species is directly infused with the dna of another – tomatoes with fish genes, for example. Luckily, this has yet to occur with cannabis; feminized cannabis seeds, though a fantastic breakthrough in breeding, are not genetically engineered.

Source: Weed Seed Shop