What is difference between indoor and outdoor weed?

Jorge Cervantes knows good weed when he sees it

Jorge Cervantes knows good weed when he sees it

A lot is the answer – a hell of a lot.

Having spent quite a few years now living in Spain, I can tell you that actually, outdoor weed is a lot better than indoor weed.

During my time here my head has been blown off a couple of times by some outstanding weed. Both outdoor grows. And, I have managed to smoke the indoor equivalent of some strains for instance Big Buddha Blue Cheese.  Grow this plant outdoors and you will understand the power of the sun on your high.  I have tried the indoor version of the same strain and while nice, it doesn’t even get close.

Nowhere near. The outdoor version was almost like taking some kind of class a drug. This outdoor cheese high was like nothing I had experienced before. A much more deep and full high than I have ever found with indoor.

The other outstanding one was some Mazar (I think) grown in a friend’s garden. Blew me away for hours, in a good way – still able to function OK but was very very stoned indeed in a way I hadn’t been before in 20 years of smoking.

These experiences have convinced me that cannabis grown outdoors is far superior to its indoor cousins.

Science also agrees.

Indoor cannot produce all the terpenes that outdoor can – and outdoor grows generally produce more CBD.

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