Even Colorado Police Now Admit “the Sky Isn’t Falling” After State Fully Legalized Cannabis


A year after Colorado became the first state to legalize cannabis for both legal and recreational use, even the police say “the sky isn’t falling.”

This in no way means the cops are entirely backing off of weed. But in an interview with Denver police, Canadian news organization, CBC, learned that the prohibition rhetoric preached by politicians and Drug Warriors is largely false. One cop said,

“We found there hasn’t been much of a change of anything. Basically, officers aren’t seeing much of a change in how they do police work.”

Crimefrom intoxicated driving to property crime and violent crimewere all dropping prior to Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana. Even adolescent drug use was down. And now that weed is legal? The trends are continuing (some claim crime is up by 7%, but even these claims cannot attribute it directly to marijuana).

Colorado has expanded its tourism industry and grossed nearly a billion dollars from legalization, with the state netting 60 million in tax revenue. This, however, is not enough to placate some of the prohibition movement’s staunchest supporters.


Colorado governor, John Hickenlooper believes legalizing was “reckless” and Denver mayor, Michael B. Hancock is against the move, as well (nevertheless, he is enjoying spending tax revenue on new city programs).

The federal government, which still views cannabis as a dangerous Schedule I drug, is also making it difficult for legal, recreational marijuana. The IRS is attempting to put weed shops out of business by using a 1980s Drug War tax code while banks are limited in their ability to process “drug money.”

Nevertheless, some Colorado policeoften the biggest proponents of keeping drugs illegalare willing to admit that legalizing weed did not set off the apocalypse. This is an indication that the end (of the Drug War) is near.

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