The changing world view on cannabis mapped


Here’s a map showing this data (countries changing their cannabis laws, or talking about it) with a few additions thanks guys and thanks to those who have sent me links. I got the information by Googling the word ‘cannabis’ along with every country in the world and looking for relevant stories.

The worldwide picture is quite revealing wouldn’t you say?

It seems like there are changes happening all around the world. Except in the UK.

How much longer can the British dinosaurs ignore this huge part of their economy?

How much longer will they prevent sick people from access to the most powerful medicine on the planet?

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The changing world view on cannabis mapped, 8.1 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
  • andy

    For the record, allowing the use of sativex is not really what I would call a changing world view – this is a fraction of what is required before we can say we are free.

    • Norman Gooding

      I find governments allowing Sativex but denying it’s citizens the right to produce the same medicine for themselves the top of the dung pile of hypocrisy. The US is trying to figure out now how to legalize Sativex and still keep the hash oil tinctures sold in MMJ dispensaries Schedule 1,,,they managed it with Marinol because it is a synthetic but Satives is and organic hash oil tincture as described om 3000 year old Chinese medical scrolls,,and G&W partnered with Bayer has a patent on it as if they invented it,,,hypocrisy.

      • andy

        Yeah Sativex is cannabis tincture. No two ways about it. And very expensive cannabis tincture which most people in the UK that need cannot even get. But the government would say the UK has medical cannabis. Meanwhile people die and suffer.

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  • perry

    you fforgot to mark Spain and Netherlands :)

    • andy

      Yeah I know they are not there. But if anything Spain is changing for the worse if they can manage it although I hear this is just political posturing.

      And hopefully nothing is changing in Holland in a negative way.

      If that makes sense.

  • andy

    Just added Poland :) Hello Poland!!

  • andy

    OK Spain, Netherlands, Belguim and Czech Republic added, and North Korea

  • drwhysleep

    i heard spain was going backwards hope its not true

  • andy

    It would be so stupid given what is going on in the world, and how many (fantastic) weed growers there are in Spain. The decision makers clearly haven’t seen this map.

  • Jeff Hale

    I dont know if you are doing every state in the USA but Cannabis also got legalized in Washington state at the same time.

  • andy

    OK I have split up the US to show Colorado and Washington separately. May as well be ready to add more states :)

  • andy

    Also added in the legalization of cannabis in Turin, Italy.

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  • Dennis Klinder

    Sinse when was weed legalised in Denmark, NO such thing is happning in Denmark!!! The fine for a small amount of weed i still 200-500 Euro!!! I would love if it was legal!!!

    • andy

      Hi Dennis, the story is about Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark is it not? Is there not a proposal for legalization in Copenhagen? I have been to Christiana myself in the past.


    The Iran Citation is from a hoax paper

    • andy

      Thanks for the info Sunilla. It would appear that Iran has a pretty relaxed attitude to cannabis anyway. Do you have any links to stuff apart from the hoax? From what I understand people have been growing the plant for years to use the seeds as food, and that activity has not been illegal.

  • John C (aka Get_A_Fix)

    Unfortunately, New Zealand is also not yet decriminalised for either medicinal use, or personal. The regulatory body overseeing the ‘recreational drug use’ is only overseeing ‘Legal Highs’. Cannabis is still prohibited under the misuse of drugs act. Legal highs are synthetic and extremely bad for you, yet they are flooding the market with this crap and creating a plethora of addicts. I hope and pray that one day we will have Cannabis freely.

    • andy

      Hi John, thanks for the info, I will remove New Zealand. Sorry to hear that.

  • stonedbroke

    in south africa there is evidence that government is thinking about decriminalization but until it happens ganja is still very illegal and can get a person into a lot of trouble… but then again cops are cheap enough in johannesburg to maybe warrant a pin up

  • andy

    Thanks for the comment stonedbroke

    Finland has been added to the map.

  • Paul Pot

    South Africa considers medical marijuana law.
    Awesome speech by dying poitician, who treats his cancer with cannabis.
    Calls prohibition a “Crime Against Humanity.

    • andy

      Hi Paul, thanks a lot for the info I have added it to the map. There is also an addition for Argentina.

  • andy

    Ireland now added thankyou to @SSDPIRELAND

  • andy

    Switzerland updated – Cannabis Clubs are coming – Come on Europe!

  • andy

    Ghana added to the map.

  • andy

    Guatemala added to the map.

  • Mary Robinson

    I have a marijuana facts page… Things will change when people start taking a stand by getting active in there community! Not waiting for others to make the change for them! M.J.’s Marijuana Facts! GET INVOLVED BE PROACTIVE

  • andy

    Just added Guernsey and Tunisa :)

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