What is the best weed you’ve ever smoked?

After over 20 years cannabis smoking experience, across several continents I like to think that I have sampled at least a reasonable amount of cannabis varieties, for a 40 year old. Still, there are dozens of strains I want to try – life is too short to try them all, but I’d love to have a go – growing them yourself is sometimes the only way to get that killer strain into your hands.

I digress. So last summer my friend grew some of the most amazing outdoor Big Buddha Blue Cheese. It kind of took the top of your head off, then left you in a highly stoned yet functional trance, which you could kind of take anywhere. I’ve heard it described as a ‘workable’ high which does describe it well, and the more of it you smoke, the more caned you continue to become. Musicians in the local town lapped it up as it drove their creative spirit but did not impede them, infact quite the contrary. We’re still talking about it now, so it really must have been something special.

Anyone who tried this weed had great things to say about it. It was a new experience for me – I had heard of cheese before but not really experienced its full power. I understand now. I hear there are much better strains out there – if you know about one please let me know what it is in the comments? thanks.

In the meantime, I am growing some very recently purchased auto flowering versions of the aforementioned cheese – to see if it compares to the original variety.

What is the best weed you have ever smoked?