10 compelling medical cannabis video testimonials


1. Brain injury and uncontrolled epilepsy


‘I’m doing awesome on it… I had the first normal EEG three months ago that I’ve had in 23 years. It’s a quality of life that no-one can put into words.’

2. Systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis


‘People have to know about this. It changed my life. I had no more back pain and felt the best I ever had’

3. Dravet Syndrome


‘The first day I gave it to him (thank God a million times) was the first day he ever went seizure free in his life.’

4. Multiple Sclerosis


‘I would not be sitting here today if I did not have my cannabis.’

5. Crohn’s Disease


‘I’ve been smoking cannabis for 36 years and it’s been nothing but a positive experience for my health. It’s wonderful. I cannot say enough about cannabis.’

6. Parkinsons Disease


‘It helps me, it gives me a better attitude, I don’t feel like a victim.’

7. Cancer


‘Life expectancy was 4 weeks, max. After a week of the cannabis capsules the 24/7 oxygen supplement was in the closet.’

8. Autism


‘He woke up and started to communicate.’

9. Type 2 Diabetes


’Sativas are wonderful they have saved my life.’

10. Auto immune disorder


’It’s most quickly noticeable in the morning when I’m having these gastric symptoms and they disappear almost immediately the cannabis.’