10 compelling medical cannabis video testimonials


1. Brain injury and uncontrolled epilepsy


‘I’m doing awesome on it… I had the first normal EEG three months ago that I’ve had in 23 years. It’s a quality of life that no-one can put into words.’

2. Systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis


‘People have to know about this. It changed my life. I had no more back pain and felt the best I ever had’

3. Dravet Syndrome


‘The first day I gave it to him (thank God a million times) was the first day he ever went seizure free in his life.’

4. Multiple Sclerosis


‘I would not be sitting here today if I did not have my cannabis.’

5. Crohn’s Disease


‘I’ve been smoking cannabis for 36 years and it’s been nothing but a positive experience for my health. It’s wonderful. I cannot say enough about cannabis.’

6. Parkinsons Disease


‘It helps me, it gives me a better attitude, I don’t feel like a victim.’

7. Cancer


‘Life expectancy was 4 weeks, max. After a week of the cannabis capsules the 24/7 oxygen supplement was in the closet.’

8. Autism


‘He woke up and started to communicate.’

9. Type 2 Diabetes


’Sativas are wonderful they have saved my life.’

10. Auto immune disorder


’I have managed to control my disease using almost 100% cannabis products.’