If you buy weed seeds this might help


Seedscanner is a new website that enables you to search through thousands of different cannabis seeds in a moment.

It has been a while coming, but thanks to the genius of an extremely hairy man in Germany and a much less hairy man in Spain the website is now up and running.

This version is aimed at growers in the United States. Prices are shown per seed to give an overall picture of value.

We hope you find it useful and welcome any feedback you may have.

UPDATE January 2015 – Seedscanner have added many more types of cannabis seeds as well as refined search so for example you now get very precise results for ‘Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto‘ – try your favourite strain and if the results are not good please contact us and let us know. Functionality to restrict searches to European or Worldwide delivery only has also been added.



The changing world view on cannabis mapped


Center map

Here’s a map showing this data (countries changing their cannabis laws, or talking about it) with a few additions thanks guys and thanks to those who have sent me links. I got the information by Googling the word ‘cannabis’ along with every country in the world and looking for relevant stories.

The worldwide picture is quite revealing wouldn’t you say?

It seems like there are changes happening all around the world. Except in the UK.

How much longer can the British dinosaurs ignore this huge part of their economy?

How much longer will they prevent sick people from access to the most powerful medicine on the planet?